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Thread: UK Pro 72kg fighter needed for Japan this week.

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    Default UK Pro 72kg fighter needed for Japan this week.


    I need a UK pro fighter at 72kg same day weigh in for Japan this week leaving on the 14th December 2012.

    Please email me ASAP on if you can do it, must have a good fight record with good submission game.

    The match will be fought over 2 x 5 mins under JMMA style rules.

    Thank you in advance,

    Lee 'Kagemusha' Hasdell

    0044 (0) 7894500121
    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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    Also an amateur mma fighter at 77kg required this week in Japan, I will repost in the amateur forum, same contact details as above, must have a passport and ready to fly out this week 14th December 2012.

    Many thanks,

    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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    Both fights are same day weigh in. All flights paid for to leave on the 14th December 2012 and return on the 17/18th.

    Pro fight is 2 x 5 mins 72kg
    Amateur fight is 2 x 3 mins 77kg

    Pro fight has a purse and all expenses
    Amateur fight is expenses only

    I need the following details ASAP:

    Full passport name
    Passport style photo
    Fight pose photo
    Fight record and a brief intro into any belts and style of fighting

    The fighters will travel with me and be met by Japanese representative in Tokyo. Yes this is a fast-ball match but a great opportunity to fight in Japan and great for the CV.

    I will be taking more UK fighters to Japan in 2013 so send me a CV and data ASAP as slots will get taken on a first come first served basis.

    Lee H

    0044 (0) 7894500121
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    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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    Sounds like japandemonium! I know this is not helpful.
    Fuck no-gi

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    DDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMN would have loved this but already fighting this weekend.

    great opportunity for someone though

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    PM'd and e-mailed for the Ammy, would love the opportunity

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    I'm fighting against time to get this one wrapped up, I've sent some of the CVs so let's see the feedback. But im defiantly sending fighters out again to japan in 2013. Thank you. LH
    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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    Lee i would love to fight out in Japan next year. I have sent my info to you before.My pro record is 5-2
    Pro 2-0,Semi-Pro 3-1,Am 6-1-1 Height 5ft 10 Weight 70kg

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    Is this for The Outsider?

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    Unfortunately the places got filled by the Ozzies. I will be sending out UK fighters in 2013 for various events in Japan but mainly Rings and the Outsiders. We will also be staging an Outsider event in the UK (Milton Keynes) with the winners fighting for the UK team in Japan (Outsiders) the following month (June).

    All suitable CVs have been sent to Japan so your profiles have been seen, so if anything comes up at short notice I will be in touch. If you are interested in fighting in Japan as an amateur or pro and featuring in the UK Outsider show please forward me you details.

    Many thanks,

    Lee Hasdell.
    Lee 新戦術 Hasdell J-MMA (UK) Booker

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