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Thread: inflamed rotary, recovery and exercise

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    Default inflamed rotary, recovery and exercise

    went to the osteopath yesterday and he says my rotary/tendons (in the rear) are seriously inflamed. im icing a few times a day, he told me to do it for 20 minutes at a time and doing a couple of exercises the osteopath showed me.

    he thinks it'll take atleast a month for me to recover. what can i do speed this process up? can i still go bjj and just do technuique or would this be a bad idea?

    would getting massages just irritate the tendons?

    would getting a foam roller be a good idea?

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    Sorry, only realised after posting that this is for Rosi to answer so I have deleted my post. If any moderators see this, please could you remove my post.
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    Hi Shaun

    It depends on exactly what's going on - I'd need to have a look at it myself to give specific advice. With some shoulder problems, a good sports massage can really help, for others not so much.

    I'd say that a foam roller is a very handy thing to have anyway, and if you're reasonably sensible you're very unlikely to do any harm.

    Sorry to be so vague!

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