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Thread: Ultimate Fighter

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    Default Ultimate Fighter

    The Smashes v Season 16

    Which was better. Ie better level of fights. Better banter etc etc

    Would love to see another smashes.

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    Season 16 was shite

    Smashes was decent, some of the editing was rubbish though.

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    Smashes by far imo.

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    Until about 3 days ago, I could not name 1 single fighter on TUF 16 if my life depended on it.

    I could at least name a few of the guys from the Smashes. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Slashes all day long!
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    With the exception of a few, the fights on TUF 16 have been pretty dire. But I'll forever remember TUF 16 for 'Let me bang, bro'.

    Overall, TUF Smashes was better.
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    I thought The Smashes was great & Season 16 is pretty gash. I like the way the smashes has been done, the style of shooting etc & the coaches challenge. Although "let me bang bro" was fucking comedy GOLD.

    Looking forward to Jones & Sonnen. I think Jones will come off the same way George Sots has.
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    they need to drastically alter the TUF set up, i think its ran its course its a real shame.

    Id much prefer if they did TUF international, one fighter from 16 different countries in the one house. I also liked TUF4 too with the ex UFC fighters, things like that are much better than below average "characters" in a house.

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    Smashes was far superior. however I too enjoyed LET ME BANG BRO ME

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigSt.Clair View Post
    Smashes was far superior. however I too enjoyed LET ME BANG BRO


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