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Thread: Pacquiao vs Marquez

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    Default Pacquiao vs Marquez

    Anybody catch this at the weekend? Sorry if a threads been made

    Only just got round to watching it myself

    im particularly interested in what grizzly thinks

    heres a link if you missed it

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    The third person in week who's been waiting to see what I think... I watched the fight several times and then I went back and watched his 4 previous performances to this. In his fight against Antonio Margarito I thought it was blatantly obvious he won and shocked it went to the decision as I thought Pacman would have put him away. Moving on to Shane Mosley I thought he bossed that fight to but didn't look as impressive as he did against Antonio but again he got the win, after watching the Marquez fight prior to the Bradley bout I saw a different Pacman all together, he didn't look great, he looked like he barely won but still got the decision, the Bradley fight is where he looked terrible, I thought he won or did enough to win by a few rounds but he lost, I argued I think with yourself over the result but I'm taking nothing away from the fact that over these fights Pacman looked tired, weathered and like he was struggling. Coming into the fight with Marquez I expected after lackluster performances I thought we'd see the old Pacman, the one that destroyed Hatton, an animal if you like. We didn't, we saw a Pacman who was rushing, he was getting hit and it showed in the third when he hit the canvas. Obviously he lost, and he got his by the right hand of death.

    I will forever argue that Manny Pacquiao deserves to go down as the greatest pound for pound fighter ever as his accomplishments are in a league of their own, 8 world titles at 8 different weight classes. However, despite me thinking that if he took a sabbatical he could come back and hang with the best guys in the world and win titles no problem, I think he should retire, he looked like he'd had enough on Saturday night, especially after the knock down despite some flurries. Just from the opening 30 seconds of the first round with him throwing straight shots with his head down and getting hit cleanly made me wonder what I was about to see.

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    He is shit since he gave up partying and found god.... more proof that religion really fucks up peoples lives

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    I don't think all his political, tv work etc is helping these days, the more involved he is getting on that side of things, the worse his performances have become.

    Killed the last great boxing match him losing though

    Mayweather v Klitchsko anyone?
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    Mannys always been open to being hit, if anything his head movement was better than in a lot of previous fights imo

    I'd like to see them do it a 5th time, I think Manny would take it

    Floyd fights dead obviously, which in a way is a good thing because the 12 round ud it will have always been would have been such an anti climax.

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    Check your PM sol_dave :0)
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    Manny is not even close to the p4p great RJJ was.

    He looked ok on Saturday, just beat by a better man on the day
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    so rare when you see a clean one punch knockout like that in a fight between fighters of that caliber.

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