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Thread: *NEW SERIES* Grumpy Old MMA

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    I enjoyed this very much

    Was a great idea and concept.
    if you think its easy stop now

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    Cheers everybody - hope the Grumpy MMA series has made the Holiday season a little more special this year but it's almost over here's Ep#6 - The Real Deal with the last one which is the happy episode on 1st Jan 8pm on the Front Row MMA YouTube Channel.

    Enjoy Number 6

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    Happy New Year Everyone

    This is the final one of the series, any help sharing through the community would be appreciated and any comments are more than welcome on here, our social media sites, website or in the YouTube comments.

    We really want to do the again next year but know that SAFE MMA and the UKMMAF will make sure that our Grumpy Old MMA'ers will have less to grumble about in the future - so we may just get another series of it same time in 2013.

    Let us know what topics you'd be interested in for next time and if there's any other faces that you know should be included and we'll do our best

    Enjoy the whole series and lets us know your thoughts

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    Really enjoyed this series. Great stuff guys!
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    Really enjoyed it, what a good idea

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    Next series make sure you get the grumpiest man of all....


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    Really enjoyed this series and would love to see it as a monthly show there must be loads of promoters refs and fighters and other people who work in uk mma that have stuff they would like to talk about on there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    Next series make sure you get the grumpiest man of all....

    We wanted Sledge but he disappeared. Hopefully next time!!

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    Sledge is not grumpier than Red Mist
    Andy Lillis, Former Cagewarriors President

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    the music at the start is perfect. good choice, then some of the discussions are top notch aswell

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