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Thread: *NEW SERIES* Grumpy Old MMA

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    I'm young (ish) and grumpy, if that counts?

    In all seriousness though guys, this was awesome. Really enjoyed it. We certainly have a lot to moan about in the UK MMA scene, so it's nice to be able to poke a little fun and have a giggle for a change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by front row mma View Post
    Let us know what topics you'd be interested in for next time and if there's any other faces that you know should be included and we'll do our best
    I swear to you and you will not regret this - get John Joe O'Regan of Fighters Only Magazine fame on this. I swear to whatever God it is that the cool kids are now praying to, it will be comedy gold.

    Make sure he has a drink first. And ask him about womens MMA.

    I'd love to see a drunk JJ O'Regan podcast.

    I beg you to get JJ on it. BEG YOU.
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    Brad we'll have to get you on Season 2 but anyone else with mohawks will have to get in line

    JJ is a good call but how many beers is the optimum number

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    Already looking forward to season 2! Nice to see just how many right grumpy ranty people there are about. I feel less bad about been a grumpy ranty bastard now
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    Happy to be involved as a busy ref

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    Final time....cheers everyone for the positive response and feedback

    We have outlined the rough ideas for the next series and will be looking to start shooting from feb throughout the year to drop season 2 for Xmas 2013 (December-Jan) but we have a couple of more web series planned for the rest of the year as well.

    Last call for any ideas on
    (A) Topics to be included
    (B) People to be involved

    Cheers for suggestions and call outs to date we'll do our best to get those, series 1 people back in and some select fighters, promoters, anyone who has a profanity to moan basically - let us know your thoughts and feedback so we can make S2 better

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