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I think you've got to strike a balance between incentivising guys to make weight and looking after fighter safety. A fighter has missed weight - that's (99% of the time) his/her fault. What you don't want is situations whereby guys are pushing themselves beyond safe limits because the penalties for missing weight are so severe.

So how do you deal with it? Cage Warriors policy of 25%-40% purse deductions given to the opponent works - only a handful of fighters have had the 40% penalty as far as I know.

But how do you deal with missing weight beyond that? If a fighter misses weight, it's always down to the opponent to take the fight. I can't ever remember a fighter turning down an overweight opponent. I guess the pressure is on the guy who made weight to take the fight for the sake of the promoter/fans/not wasting his camp. That's not entirely fair, so I like the idea of a pre-fight point reduction for a big miss. I'd want to see that put in the Unified Rules before promotions start using it willy nilly.

I remember a few years ago Brad Pickett turned down a fight with Simon Boulter at fx3 here is a piece around the time

Catching up with Brad Pickett revealed his side of the story and it isn’t the issue of letting the fight go ahead with 0.4kg being given away, it’s a respect issue. “It’s not the weight that bothers me, I have fought guys who are 10 kilos heavier than me before, it’s the way that it was done that irked me. We had 45 minutes before the cut off point and he basically turned around and said he was done, he basically said I cant go back in the sauna, sat down and popped his drink down his throat without even asking me about it, that made my blood boil” explained Pickett before adding “We all sat down outside trying to resolve it, corner-man, promoters and us, but when he popped that drink I just thought, is this for f***ing real? He didn’t consult me or try to cut right up to the line, he just sat back and slugged his drink, I was so f***ing angry, and I cant fight with my head in that frame of mind, I wont fight the fight I need to”

So was the split of Boulter’s purse not an incentive to accept the bout? You could possibly look at his team-mate at ATT - Thaigo Alves for reference as this is exactly what happened to him with Matt Hughes… “Its all very well and good to say Hughes got 30% of his purse, but 30% of UFC wages is a lot better than 50% of what he (Boulter) was getting paid here, but again, its not a financial issue, it’s a professionalism issue, I would have walked him back to the sauna myself if he wanted it that bad, it just got me into a frenzy seeing him pop his drink without consultation first” ranted Pickett, clearly still angry at how things have transpired “I have seen people crawl out of a sauna to make weight before” he concluded.