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Thread: News update the Manchester magic forced out of his bout

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    Default News update the Manchester magic forced out of his bout

    Amateur Unified 66kg A Class (GNP):
    Mike Persil 4-7-1 Vs Craig Thomas Boyle 4-0-0

    Due to Respected names and Ref power The great people of the north east will be denied the chance to see one of the most famous fighters in uk mma the promoter was not to blame as he was not fully aware of the magic mans full record and other small details so this is in no way a troll on any show. This is just a post to say Mike i stuck up for you on here i think your a good guy nice heart you have nothing to prove man you have a family thats the greatest thing in the world. Hang them up mate join a ju jitsu club compete have fun and do yourself proud but please as a friend no more mate its over. Your just going to end up on shitty little shows that promoters wont care and you will be fighting much bigger guys at times for next to no money so as a fan friend and mma brother please bow out and im sure that whole forum will applaud and respect you.

    Edit also Mike ignore those who call you names there nothing but bullys who should know better and set a better example.
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