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TBF though that could be said about a lot of the winners of past TUF's.

Missed the first round as i was cutting weight but caught the last two. I thought Brendan took the second and if i'm fully honest don't know who i'd of gave the third to, if i was judging i'd potentially of given it 10-10. I thought Wilkinson was on his was to winning the round but then Brendan dropped him but didn't do a lot with it afterwards. either was though was a great fight in the two rounds i saw.
Yeah but I guess you need to draw a line under who gets another shot and who doesn't. Are they the best guys in the UK? Possibly not. I'm not hating on anyone but from their (UFC) perspective they need to look at what each brings to the table i.e if they are not the best are the marketable etc.

Colin is a massive personality, Norman won, Mike was undefeated and Brad lost a Decision in the final and was involved in fight of the series. There's arguments for other but think that as Brendan dropped 2 it will be hard to justify getting another shot. Unless they were to do something like have Colin face Brendan?