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Thread: Gyms in Hull? Please help.

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    Default Gyms in Hull? Please help.

    Hi, it seems as if I've ended up at the worst possible place in the UK for training! I cannot seem to find a good quality gym. I'm here for the next 3/4 years for university and would like a good to high quality gym as I have aspirations to compete in MMA in the near future.

    Someone please shed some light on where the best place to train is. I've heard a bit about MDMA, again someone please shed some light on this gym. Thanks in advance.

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    Fight Ministry in Grimsby seem to have the most active team around there, in terms of pros and good amateurs.

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    Hey thanks Jay, I'm currently in the Cottingham and Grimsby is like an hour away. Being a student without a car it'll be hard to get to. Is there any places closer? Also do you know of MDMA?


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    there is also fight ministry hull

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    Yeah the slaughterhouse is decent.
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