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Thread: Opinions on this gym PLEASE

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    Default Opinions on this gym PLEASE

    Hi all,

    I joined an mma gym two months ago, decent facilities, bit small.....the lead instructor has some decent claims however every time I go to a lesson i find that im learning off the person ive partnered up with in oppose to any of the staff.

    Sure theyll make drills up to do during lessons etc but in about 70 mins, we would have only been shown one maybe two takedowns....i dont know it just seems rushed and everything just seems shown rather than taught.

    Also the gym are running instructor courses for satellite gyms etc. This is bad as they say you only need 6 months experience to if im paying 50 a month to train i dont want to be taught by someone who has just been taught a syllabus and has had 6 months experience in total.

    Only problem is its the only place around my area to train what do i do.....i pay 50 a month for TWO lessons a week only and it feels like im not learning anything..and when i do ive learnt it from my partner and not the staff.....

    any advice or opinions are appreciated.

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    What area are you from mate?
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    i know a decent place mate, gimme a pm and ill give you some more information, its in lincoln too!

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    What gym is it?
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    Without knowing any more details other than what you've written sounds like shit.

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    what, the gym i go to?
    Quote Originally Posted by Atlasmma View Post
    What gym is it?

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    .......The gym in question.
    When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.

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    Lincoln UFC training centre :d

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    Jay hits the nail on the head. At the very mention of satellite gyms.

    Also are any of the guys who train talking about up coming fights? If they are in anyway legit someone must be fighting out of their 'camp'.

    There are always people training for a fight in any decent gym.
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