Was speaking to James Doolan and he suggested a Writers' Fighter of the Year, love the idea but since there's so few of us, thought it would be a lot better to do a Fighters' Fighter of the Year award. Think it's a pretty cool idea, and it should mean a lot more to guys than the popular vote because it's by peers and less of a popularity contest. Be interesting to see how it compares to the regular vote too.

Here’s how it's going to work- if you've fought at pro/C-Class/semi-pro MMA at any stage and want to vote, message me with your top three nominations for the year, in order.

I'm not going to throw out any candidates because I think this one should be entirely open, and it doesn't necessarily have to be for the fighter who has had the best year. It could be someone who's had loads of exciting fights or fought top competition but lost a few. Basically whoever has impressed the most in 2012 from your (a fighters) point of view.

Unlike the football, people can vote for team-mates...just don't take the piss with it and vote for someone who's 0-3 this year (not a dig at anyone, just saying). I'll try it this way and see how it goes, if it turns out everyone's just voting for team-mates, will change it.

Message me here or on Facebook if you want to vote.