It is with much regret and great sadness that I am going to retire from competing in MMA.
I will be honouring my current commitments, which means I actually finish in April.
Before any malicious rumours start, the actual reasons for this is, family pressure, work pressure and my honour for the sport.
I have been lucky enough to meet with some great promoters and fighters, like Chris Zorba, Dale Percival, Paul Murphy, Darren Sherlock, Aaron Chatfield, Saul Rodgers, Greg Grimshaw and never to be forgotten Colin Fletcher.
Anyone who has ever met me knows I have always turned up early for shows, on weight and conducted myself professionally including lending stuff to other fighters in the same colour changing rooms if needed.
I only have three regrets really, never fighting in London, or abroad at all, and that the Craig Allen fight never happened.
I concede that no matter how good your ground game is, if your standup is so weak you will never get the chance to show it.
I am already now not available for January and April, so only available to be booked in February and March, so get in touch if you want. I can imagine me crying my eyes out and falling to pieces in April but there will be no going back.
Just to put the record straight to those who have made some disparaging remarks about me as a person, retard etc. I am actually reasonably literate with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies at Manchester University, not that it carries any relevance in a cage of course.
There is a new show setting up and I will be into helping that guy get the project going. My thoughts at present, beyond April, are to do some charity work and (as I have a bit of acting experience) that I wish to become an MMA MC. Any advice/ input welcome on that one. Its a lot safer.LOL