thats just unlicensed boxing mate , there is no such thing as semi pro ... it sounds cool , kind of like you are not a full time boxer but at the level of a pro but you have a

The only licensing authority recognised in the UK is the British Boxing Board of Control , they issue the pro license, you not licensed with them , then you are unlicensed.
Interesting comment regarding the BBofC and their status in the governing of boxing in the UK. There are so many terms for boxing that falls outside the jurisdiction of the BBBofC, which have been covered above, but the board are a self governing, self appointed organization that has set up as a for profit making business and is not government appointed, We can't speak for many of the other boxing organizations operating on the British boxing scene, but the Queensbury Boxing League is in its own right an official governing body for the contests that take place under the Queensbury competitive banner, and as we have always pointed out we don't promote professional boxing, we promote Queensbury boxing. If you have not already seen the league on Eurosport last season, hopefully you can catch the new 2013 season starting at the end of next month