All the below going as I want to clear out old stuff before 2013: All original, no copies - and you can find clips of all the DVDs on youtube (I think!). All prices include postage and packing. PM me if interested. Buy 4 DVDs and get a 5th (the cheapest) for free.

Andreh Anderson Closed guard sweeps: A wealth of information in this DVD, pretty much every sweep from closed guard you can think of + some bonus chokes. 5

Chris Bennan: No gi guard passes DVD: 5

Cage Rage 19: Paul Daley; Luiz Azeredo; Rob Broughton; Elvis Sinosic etc 3

Ryan Hall Back Attacks: 3 DVDs on back attacks from the best instructor I've ever seen. 30

Fight or flght DVD: Irish guy (Peter McCarthy) learns Muay Thai for 18 months to conquer his fear of violence - cool documentary 5

A boy in China. Young American boy lives at Shaolin temple to become awesome at Kung Fu. Unusual story, v.interesting. 5

Fairtex 12oz sparring gloves. Red with white writing, black palms. Only worn once or twice (literally) - they look, feel and function as new. 40