One of my new year's resolutions will be to finally take up MMA properly. Been watching the sport for a long while now so it makes a lot of sense for taking it up. Anyway, I live in Lincoln and quick search has shown that there is a Martial Arts place called S2C8 which does MMA. Has anyone heard anything or been there before? A quick check of their website has left me quite discouraged.. it reads more like a huge advertisement than it does a community website. I don't want to judge them too harsly but they don't even have a detailed page for their instructors listing their credentials and instead focus almost entirely on the marketing aspect. Seeing as you always here about bad instructors capitalizing on the ever increasing popularity of the sport, I'm a little bit wary. I might just travel to Nottingham where there is a few reputable places to go but thought I'd at least get opinions on here first before dismissing S2C8.