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Thread: MMA clubs in Cardiff or Bridgend

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    Default MMA clubs in Cardiff or Bridgend

    Morning all,

    What clubs are around in Cardiff for MMA these days? Alternatively in Bridgend which is where I work.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I teach jiu-jitsu in Cardiff and Bridgend, always mention applications of techniques for gi, nogi and MMA. (scroll down for Cardiff & Bridgend info)

    There is an awesome MMA gym called the MAT Academy in Church Village, I teach the jiu-jitsu there... 20-30mins from Cardiff & Bridgend...

    In Cardiff itself there are a lot of clubs, most are taught by people without much experience/credentials. I would advise seeking out Paul Jenkins, he is teaching out of a few locations atm I think but looking to get his own place soon. -

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    But Rob is correct in terms of there are a number of gyms in Cardiff that I also agree that lack both experience and the credentials needed.

    What's their striking background? Wrestling? Grappling/BJJ?

    In terms of wrestling for example, we have two international wrestlers who have competed at the highest level.

    Striking is covered by people who have trained at Mike's Gym and boxers who have had 100s of fights between them.

    Are they an active gym on the local MMA scene? Pain Pit, Impact being the leading local shows - good gyms with a good reputation won't have to travel 100s of miles to get semi-pro fights.

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