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Thread: recom :2 pieces of rehab equipment under 15 for forearm/wrist/tennis elbow injuries.

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    Default recom :2 pieces of rehab equipment under 15 for forearm/wrist/tennis elbow injuries.


    Thought I would make a recommendation for these 2 cheap pieces of equipment that have kept my forearm/wrist injuries touchwood at bay for a fair while and keeping me from seeing physio ! although went for my back and legs the other day ! = 15 or thereabouts this has helped strengthen my forearm and wrist - alleviating quite bad tennis elbow problems. - I liked this product so much I bought 2 incase i need a spare/1 broke . = helped with wrist pain. 5.

    I am not a physio or have any links to either products, but they are both very cheap imo and worth a shot, especially the forearm/wrist strengthener.

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    neither link worrks mate.

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    Hi Taffdragon

    Here are the links again - just re-tested them myself - sorry !

    cat number 270/2784 - science museum strength ball - argos

    this device usually sells for about 20 + elsewhere. - only a 4.99 at argos !

    = GHI Body System Wrist Strengthener 13.99 - this is the device I bought 2 of as they were quite hard to get cheap/find - ebay/amazon also do this product aswell - listed as playwell wrist strengthener - i found this the cheapest.

    My physio loaned me his 1st to try/prove it helped and then i bought 2 !

    This piece of equipment i feel really does hit/stretch arms/wrists in a "locked"/precise position - i have used freeweights extensively over the years and this does offer some resistance imo - i am using the device before i go to sleep or when i am bored on the settee watching t.v
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