Just saw an article released on bjpenn.com and it got me thinking.

In the past fighter pay has often been a topic for conversation and after seeing the pay release for UFC 155, found here http://www.bjpenn.com/salary-report-...roll-ufc-news/ , who is the most underpaid UFC fighter?

What stands out for me is Joe Lauzon. What made me think this is that he has fought for the promotion 14 times and in his 14 fights has won an "of the night" bonus 11 times. Despite this he is only on a base bay of $27,000 turn up fee yet there are fighters who are IMO earning more despite having less UFC fights and being a lot less exciting.

So my question in this, is Joe Lauzon the most underpaid fighter in the UFC? For this question bonuses are not a factor as this is about base pay but on the other hand could Lauzon's tendency to pick up bonuses be why he isn't getting a bigger base pay?