Just been told Pudz posted this on Facebook. I was going to leave all the shit talking because you can't make some one fight you so I'm moving on, no worries and than this

talk about a glass chin. You are a clown who I find highly amusing can't take your insults seriously.
-Mariusz Pudzianowski

I don't get it, I don't mind the shit talking or the glass chin comments (event though he couldn't knock me out when I let him hit me in our first fight because I'm retarded)

Let me tell you something Pudz my empty headed friend who has a lower IQ than the atlas stones he lifts. You do the shit talking BEFORE the fight. Than we fight. Don't talk shit after not even coming to fight on the 16th a guy ehos NEVER put mma gloves on than having the show canceled. Are we fighting or not because it getting fucking boring now !!! The only thing thicker and deluded than Pudz are his fans who follow this mental midget, give me strength, Jesus.