Joanne Calderwood heads to the States to fight in her second Invicta bout, taking on K-1 specialist Livia Von Plettenburg of Team Quest.

She was originally scheduled to face Aussie Bec Hyatt, but now Hyatt is fighting for the title (despite Calderwood being offered the shot).

The undefeated Scot explains all here:

I have fought on a few weeks notice before, never a week against someone ranked number 4 in the world though. My coaches James [Doolan] and Paul [McVeigh] made the decision for me not to take this fight based on the difference in styles more than anything. Carla is an exceptional wrestler and has a really good top game, I've been preparing for a scrap on the feet with Bec and shutting down her guard, so they're almost polar opposites.

We brought in specific sparring partners in preparation for Bec. If they'd offered me the fight with Carla with a few weeks notice I would have taken it. If they offered me Carla as a replacement for Ashley Cummins when I fought her I would have taken it too, as style-wise theyr'e similar.
Best of luck Joanne - you can watch it on on January 5th.