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Thread: Is this possible???

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    I despair at the human race sometimes...
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    As its name says, Mixed Martial Arts covers a bit of different styles. If the MMA fighter is not a specialist in any style, so I think he is easily defeated by an expert in something. But everything depends on the skill level of each one.

    About the place for fight, Im no from Londres, but usually, some gym's owners or Gym's staff would know a good place for fight to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud View Post
    I fucking love this!!! Well done sir, well done. Having done my mum for several years I can assure you she is better than sheep. And yes jim did fix it for me, I asked him for a Welshman with a sense of humour and low and behold your dad raped his sister and you were born. The table my daddy used is now on eBay. Any offers?
    So hang on, let me get this straight? You are trying to mock me because my dad banged his sister - admit to fucking your own mam? Ohh dude....thats badly thought out shit right there, maybe you shouldnt type after the nice man has given you your afternoon meds. Though I suppose having 7 fingers on each hand must help with the keyboard you inbred beast of a troll. The table your daddy used is now on eBay? Does anyone really want to buy the first piece of furniture he fucked you on? Really?

    ~cracks knuckles~ Bitch I aint even started yet so if you are gonna least get someone else to write your retort because quite frankly this is easier than kicking a no limbed mouse over a hedge. Plus the mouse has more chance of winning in life than you.
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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