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Thread: Worst thing you did as a kid

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    Default Worst thing you did as a kid

    My top three

    11 yrs old i accidently set a neighbours pidgeon loft on fire, destroyed the loft and most of his champion racing pidgeons, i knew it was bad when one flew out on fire.

    14 yrs old. battered a golfer. Long story, my mate Billy shat in the 15th hole at mouse valley golf course we hid in a bush watching as a guy putted and then went to get his ball. He heard us laughing started hitting billy with his putter and a mass brawl took place which resulted in one of the golfers going for a wee nap.

    17. Stole my mums car and crashed it.After driving around for about an hour i crashed into a parked car 100 yards from my house becasue i took my hands off the steering wheel to wave and my mate burd. Nightmare.

    Feel so much better getting that off my chest.

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    i got sacked and banned for life for punching a mascot dressed as a monkey at a shopping centre when i was 16

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    In primary school my Mum gave me a tenner to get a taxi to my Gran's after school.
    Got a lift from a mates Mum, spent the money on football stickers and never said a word.

    One of the packets were all 'doublers' so i persuaded my Gran to take them back to the shop and exchange them for new ones as I had all them.

    Old primary school got a nice fancy plaque put in the grounds for the Headteacher leaving,dunno why, she never died or anything. and my mate dug it out the ground then chucked it in a pond which then frose over.

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    bummed a monkey

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    bummed gary bumming a monkey
    man, when you're the nail, hang in there....until the day you become the hammer

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    touched myself while watching Gary get bummed while bumming a monkey.
    The streets are alive with the sounds of pain...EARN YOUR F***ING SCARS, SON!

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    sold crack and pcp.
    "I tell them you say they no good fighters... and that their mothers have sex with mules"

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    I was at an adventure playground when I was about 9-10. The had scramble nets, slides etc. The also had a 'Tube slide'. A big set of steps led up to the mouth of this plastic tube and you slid down to the bottom. Me and a mate decided to urinate down the tube so when it got to the bottom, there was a metal table which you slid out onto. All this urine was resting there, like a 'Lake' (pun coming up).

    Anyway, this lad came down, actually, he was only about 6/7 years old, and we said 'If you go down that tube, we'll give you this money' and I showed him a handful of change (about 2 quid). I'm feeling really bad writing this.

    Anyway, he races up and slides down the tube, focussed, purely, on his impending windfall. He came out of the bottom absolutely saturated in piss. The front of his jumper was soaked, his shorts were drenched. Thing about his jumper though, was that it had a logo just above the left side which said "GREAT LAKES, ONTARIO".

    He didn't get the money.

    And, the worst thing about this, as he was getting off the metal table and becoming aware that he was really wet.. to satisfy his curiosity as to why he had suddenly become wet.....he went and...........(yeah, he did)............ squeezed his jumper...........and did what all kids do at some point in their life when they really shouldn't.......decided to stick his fingers in his mouth to make out what the 'mystery liquid' tasted like.......

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    sold crack and pcp.
    to monkeys ?

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    I've got a piss related one like Bendy, but it wasn't quite so elaborate. I grew up on a pretty scruffy council estate so we were all kinda poor on a scheme of things here in the UK, but some were significantly more so than others.

    The scruffiest family on there had a little girl and we pissed in a bottle and told her to drink it because it was pop. I'm fairly certain she was sure it wasn't but we pressured her into it anyway and she drank the combined piss of about four or five ten year old boys. Harsh as fuck looking back.

    I'll come back to this as I'm pretty sure I've got some golden material from back in the day. Hitting my brother in the head with a pick axe was another.

    Quote Originally Posted by hurricane View Post
    Old primary school got a nice fancy plaque put in the grounds for the Headteacher leaving,dunno why, she never died or anything. and my mate dug it out the ground then chucked it in a pond which then frose over.
    This really made me laugh for some reason.

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