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Yeah, but you are hardly known for your wrestling game though. You try a Gong & Dash against a decent striker you'll be looking at same results as you vs. Aleks.

Fighting a smart gameplan an mma fighter should easily beat Fury by takedown & then ground & pound or a submission, that shouldn't be debatable. But as seen by Tim Sylvia vs. Ray Mercer, IF that big punch lands its a game changer.
My wrestling good, not really gong and dash works sometime because it takes people by surprise it not something you come across all the time. But fighter get used to it and yes you can get caught a lot that's why I don't do it anymore. That was the best bit of that fight for me haha

Indeed it only takes one big punch and the boxer know how to throw that punch. But 9/10 it's Mma that's taking it