Annoying subject just looking to get some help from experienced "fat losers" lol

So I'm 6'0 and and I got down from 224lbs to 189lbs in about 3 months which is cool and all but I still got this damn lower belly and love handles

I train 4 days a week in Muay Thai,BJJ and MMA

Monday = BJJ 1hr
Tuesday= MT 1hr 30 mins
Wednesday= MMA 1hr 30 mins
Thursday= MT 1hr 30 mins

I eat at a deficit of 2130 cals everyday ( sometimes I go over, you know weekends and such but not really enough to cause the problem I'm guessing)

So what I would like to know is am I doing something wrong or maybe not doing enough (Please don't mention macros, please god) or am I just being impatient and will it eventually come off as long as I keep doing what I'm doing? Any input would be appreciated, thanks guys!