Introducing themselves for 2013 are jrcoaching (imas wrestling) . Jr coaching provides first class wrestling sessions around the southern region of england. The main base for imas wrestling is in berkshire, but we are now offering our services to clubs around the southern region. I myself have had over 19 years of wrestling experience and have been representing great britain at a international stage for 10 years. I am now a well known wrestler both on the domestic scale and on the international scale. Having being in ukraine wrestling for the past two years i produced a programme for wrestling for mma and rugby to teach athletes the importance of learning wrestling.

The sport of wrestling is a fine art to learn, it is also proven that it is the core base of some sports such as mma, rugby and kabaddi. I take pride in our coaches and find world class coaches around the uk and europe to deliver these training session. For sessions near you and timetables please visit our website or if you would like to introduce wrestling to you own gym please contact us.
twitter: @jsrcoaching