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Thread: Cage Warriors 52: Grimaud versus Pendred - London, March 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben CQ View Post
    Sounded like Optimus Prime having brutal sex with Jonesy from Police Academy.
    Actually laughed out loud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    The most disorganised show i have ever been to had an unlikely intermission. There was a scheduled women’s bout – but one of the fighters missed weight by something minimal, a few grammes – maybe a bit more, but it was nothing too awful – and the opponent refused to fight, fair enough, totally within her rights. But then the promoter got them both in the ring (shitty ring it was too) and made a fuss of how much these women were warriors, prepared to step in and do great things for WMMA. But to be fair, this was the least confusing thing about that night.
    That was "Fight First MMA" which was an utter car crash of an event. probably one of the worse shows i've been too. Irony is that a lot of the guys on that show have gone on to good things.

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    i think the rules were originally going to include soccer kicks, people i knew were scheduled to fight and were training to stand up from sidemount and put the boot in. i got my face stamped on during these sessions haha it wasn't full-on, thankfully.

    at the rules meeting, allegedly, one guy there might as well have walked in off the street, he allegedly stood there telling a bemused crowd of fighters and trainers that not only were soccer kicks going to be illegal, so was punching from standing to ground. (!!)
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    I was at an event last year that had 12 fights on the card. By about 11pm, only 6 had taken place. The event was then stopped for a raffle where around 40-50 prizes were given away. Not even exaggerating. It took about 30 mins.

    Thing was, so many people had left by the time of the raffle that the same people were winning over and over again. Highlight was a fat lass who won about six Iron Gym pull-up bars and a haircut from the local salon.

    I'm just bitter because I really fucking wanted that haircut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben CQ View Post

    "We're going to have a short 45 minute interval right now..."
    "Please welcome Sensei Joe and his 'falling out of the sky' demo team. Remember kids - leave it to the professionals to fall out of the sky"
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