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Thread: What inspired you to take up mixed martial arts?

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    Default What inspired you to take up mixed martial arts?

    What inspired you to take up mixed martial arts?

    My Answer is pretty simple i wanted to impress people this was a canny few years ago so took part in a event thinking boxing would get me the W how wrong was i i did ok then got taken apart on the ground in the second. Was probs the most humble experience ive had to date fight was pro rules with no elbows on the ground. so after checking gyms out and taking a while to find a place i could call home and feel accepted i bit the Bullet and made friends and took the sponge approach which means at the gym thinking ok all you guys and girl know way more then me but im here to learn anything you teach me i will try practise even when i got home i used to practise on a taken down punch bag in my living room. Its been a Rocky road but im still here trying to improve myself at each chance i get.
    Ive accepted im not good enough to be a big name in the uk but now its all about trying to better myself as much as i can and been involved in something i would never have thought i would have the confidence to do.

    The wanted to impress others looks silly i know but at least i have the balls to be honest lol. I was 17 with not a clue in the world about the sport only that id seen it on the internet and it looked kool. back then due to be been very badly bullied as a child i felt i had a point to prove which was totally the wrong way to go about it live and learn. That is now long gone now everything i do to do with mma is to better myself and try in any small way i can support others at the gym.
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