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Thread: UCMMA 32 live on primetime

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    Default UCMMA 32 live on primetime

    February 2nd's UCMMA event will air live and free on primetime:

    Seems that Sky Sports is no more, but without a premium channel to be paid for to access the shows, this could open it up for more fans to watch (with it being free to air on Sky, Virgin and online). Bittersweet in a sense as someone said on twitter, but hopefully works out for the promotion for the better.

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    There are pluses and minuses, as with anything.

    For starters, it's free, which is my favourite amount of money to spend on anything. People who don't want to pay for Sky Sports will now be able to catch it on Sky and Virgin Media for zero pounds, and people with BT Vision/Freeview etc can catch it online. Apparently there will also be repeat airings. Primetime caters for the boxing audience, so there's the potential for crossover there.

    On the flip side the 8-10pm timeslot on a Saturday night isn't good. X Factor/Britain's Got Talent/Strictly Come Skating in the Jungle etc is what's on TV at that time. That's why Haye insisted on a post 9pm walk out. I'm pretty sure that the 'main card' portion of UCMMA live shows was always around 9-11pm, which makes a lot more sense.

    Then you have the money concerns. If you make your show available live, there is less incentive for people to buy a ticket (and all the additional costs - travel, food, drinks, accommodation etc). As Jay rightly pointed out on twitter, the majority of the UCMMA crowd are regulars or people there supporting fighters. However with the economy being what it is, these people have a much cheaper, live alternative.

    Finally, you've got to wonder how it'll affect sponsorships - both for the fighters and for UCMMA. Whenever I see UCMMA guys looking for sponsorship, the common denominator is "Get your brand on Sky Sports". It's a powerful bit of brand association that Primetime doesn't have. Same with the promotion - Sky Sports was always a huge selling point.

    It's now down to the fans and promoters to make this work. I think its a fallacy that fans should tune in/buy a ticket regardless in order to support UK MMA. It's up to the promoters to compel them with their product. If the promoter provides a compelling product, then it's time for the fans to step up. UCMMA are going to have to put on some enticing fights if they're going to get people to part with their money now that they can watch it live, for free, from the comfort of their couch.
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    Everyone is saying that they will be fighting on Sky. Unfortunately its on the Active Channel.
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    Isn't Primetime PPV normally? I think they had the Strikeforce Grand Prix on PPV.

    Good to see its free but assume it is to gauge interest with PPV to follow? If right I'm not sure UCMMA is going to get many to pay to watch the show, especially after being used to watch it for free on Sky Sports.

    Is this Sky giving up on MMA, or getting rid of UCMMA so it can go after the UFC when the ESPN contract expires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moogie101 View Post
    Isn't Primetime PPV normally? I think they had the Strikeforce Grand Prix on PPV.

    Good to see its free but assume it is to gauge interest with PPV to follow? If right I'm not sure UCMMA is going to get many to pay to watch the show, especially after being used to watch it for free on Sky Sports.
    It's known primarily for PPV, but they have tons of free to air stuff too.

    It's a one-show deal at the moment so I understand. I highly doubt this is a test-run for a PPV - you can't gauge interest for a PPV by giving it away for free. Besides, the Alex Reid PPV experiment fell very flat, so I don't see UCMMA going down that route again.

    What the Primetime deal does do is open their product to a wider audience. For example, I have BT Vision, so I only get Sky Sports 1&2, so I was unable to watch UCMMA (saying that I made pretty much every show over the past few years). Now I'll be able to watch via Primetime's website. Same goes for people who don't pay for Sky Sports on their Sky/Virgin package - they can now watch UCMMA on the Primetime channel for free. If they can generate some decent viewing figures, they might get a longer deal out of it. At the very least they'd have some decent numbers to shop to other channels.
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    i think it's possibly the next best thing to sky sports really, not including the mainstream channels ofc
    live & free, sounds good
    +ives and -ives as explained above but if they get decent figures which i think they will, due to lack of UKMMA at this time of the year, then it could hold them in good stead
    sky sports 3 isn't the greatest channel viewers wise, just the brand that carried it tbh everyone wants to have that "Sky" brand on there fight poster
    but again, as mentioned above, it's usually active channel or whatever - this is a legit channel that hosts top events and is actually live, not pre recorded
    hope it goes well for 'em
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    Maybe they were dropped as people decided to turn the channel over due to regular mismatches and general cringeworthyness on screen? They had such a good rep for putting on great fights then suddenly their plan seemed to change then it was more about trying to build up their own guys (presumably to maximise ticket sales at events). True MMA fans don't like this, it is not Boxing, MMA fighters (on the whole) take risks and hard fights, this is what people want to see not record padding and fighters showboating as they've just beaten Andy Cona!
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    Where is this going to be streamed online? is down and appears to be boxing only?

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