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In response to your questions asked;

Do I think you're a high-level MMA Fighter ? This again is all down to personal opinion, but in my eyes no. And this isn't just because you're not in the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator etc.. I just think high-level is a very vague word to use to describe somebodies credentials as an MMA fighter. What would you defy as a high-level MMA fighter James, if you can justify everything you write about yourself?

That response wasn't to you but Grizzly, who stated he would like to see me fight your last four fights.

And in my opinion, it all depends where you want to go in your career James, if you're happy fighting these guys then I'm happy for you. But if you wanted to class yourself as a high-level fighter, why not fight a Neil Grove's again or a Stav Economou for example?

Steve were have you gone m8, I was looking forward to hear your pearls of mma wisdom. You still haven't answered my question. Don't go quiet on me now.