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Thread: Colossal Concerns: MMA VS BOXING

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Duffus View Post
    In response to your questions asked;

    Do I think you're a high-level MMA Fighter ? This again is all down to personal opinion, but in my eyes no. And this isn't just because you're not in the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator etc.. I just think high-level is a very vague word to use to describe somebodies credentials as an MMA fighter. What would you defy as a high-level MMA fighter James, if you can justify everything you write about yourself?

    That response wasn't to you but Grizzly, who stated he would like to see me fight your last four fights.

    And in my opinion, it all depends where you want to go in your career James, if you're happy fighting these guys then I'm happy for you. But if you wanted to class yourself as a high-level fighter, why not fight a Neil Grove's again or a Stav Economou for example?

    Steve were have you gone m8, I was looking forward to hear your pearls of mma wisdom. You still haven't answered my question. Don't go quiet on me now.

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    I share some of the equaliser's points too.. but don't know him !

    Quote : -" I would like to see James headline some UK shows against some of the best UK guys but i'm guessing there are better paydays elsewhere so would probably not make the best financial sense to him?"

    To be fair if there's no money for you to fight in the uk i suppose the question is this.

    Prestige of beating another top uk opponent to become "officially" domestically best in uk (bit like British Heayweight boxing title) vs a better payday vs someone elsewhere - if it was me (and it's not me !) to be honest money talks !

    I think personally you should try and find another big name opponent who may give you an opportunity to get you a big title shot somewhere in europe/wherever - make the mma community sit up and take notice if that's what your goal is.

    Fair play to you, you listen to the fans, post on here, and fought on pride (massive credit for that like someone else said with those old school rules).

    UK fighters aside, who could you fight in europe that would make you say number 1 in europe ??? (hate to say it again, bit like being the European heavyweight boxing champion)... ?

    If, and I use the word if KSW are the becoming the biggest mma org in europe/best payers (I don't know just presuming) then maybe call out someone (not pudz) and become KSW champ??

    Another question, if for argument sake you conquered UCMMA and were their champ, and then say fought KSW's number 1 heavyweight where would you go from there, and what would you like to do - basically if you became number 1 in europe?

    Sorry if these questions may of been asked/answered elsewhere.

    Good luck in whatever you do next.
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