Mike has had a few things to say:

"He's up for it. That's perfect, he bored the sh*t out of me [during the press conference] but he showed some personality at the end, dropped the Jesus act and f***ing got real for a second," Bisping said.

"Do I have to bring my mouthpiece [to the weigh-ins]? Can he control himself? Is roid-rage going to kick in? Is TRT an issue? Are his levels elevated? I think so.

"Have his testicles shrunk? I think so. Does he have a penis? He is a penis. But just because he is a penis, it doesn't mean he has a penis!"
Read more at http://www.espn.co.uk/ufc/sport/stor...ZZCumKwkdCU.99

fucking hilarious. i don't think Americans regularly call people a penis. What did that British guy just say? route one, but comedy gold - especially given that Vitor is very dangerous. he calls a very dangerous opponent a penis, how can you not love that? hahaha

funny how this board doesn't overtly care about UK's top stars anymore. we're over-saturated or something. before the stars broke through, there was a real clamour. now they are there and have been for a while, seems we are just used to it.

anyway - who wins?