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Thread: What do fighters learn from quick finishes?

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    Default What do fighters learn from quick finishes?

    I had a thought...

    Guys that amass say a 5-0 record with all wins coming in the 1st round within a minute taking a fight on average every 3 months (so over a 15 months period). Effectively only having 5 minutes competition time.

    Compared to a guy who's had 5 fights (the same record over the same timescales) but 3 fights went the distance (3x5's) and 2 fights went 10 mins each. Effectively having 65 minutes of competition.

    I know you don't get paid overtime in the MMA game but surely there are so many things that can happen in competition that the guy who has gone 65 minutes would be so much better off and would have tasted many more scenario's.

    I realise that the level of competition hasn't been stated so guess we'll say for argument sake that the competition has gradually got better.

    I am also aware that these guys will be drilling alot of different scenarios in the gym but can be different when in that cage.

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    I know my answer is short but the one thing they do is huge and that word is.........................CONFIDENCE.

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    I think it might help get you further up the show ladder with ease, but from there on in, it depends truly how good you are before you get found out possibly. Carwin is a decent example - destroyed fighters, got into the UFC but hit a ceiling, albeit he was talented to be fair. Lot to be said for time in the cage though I suppose, but again, depends on quality of opposition and so on, so many variables I think the simple answer is it doesnt matter either way as the cream generally will rise to the top one way or another.
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