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Thread: Bisping losing his sheen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    What's that got to do with anything, the best Stann lost to Sonnen, Davis and even Cantwell and Krystof?... He never beat Sonnen.
    17 wins without getting a title shot is a ufc record he should have had a title shot after beating Stann not have to fight someone whos moving between weight divisions. It would have made sense if Vitor would be on a run to the MW title again but he's not so IMO Bispings been fucked over. Not saying he would beat Silva but he's easily earned his chance.
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    Sorry i meant I thought Bisping was unlucky to lose against Sonnen I thought he had done enough to take the decision.
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    I defo think he beat Sonnen, that should have been his title shot. But it would have ended the same way last night did... still a hell of a fighter tho just never going to be champion unfortunatley.

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    Gutted for Bisping but if he was to deserve a title shot he had to win that fight. Beating Stann alone was not enough to warrant a title fight imo. Got to take your hat off to Bisping for admitting he was beaten by the better man. He talks shit but he's always good as gold after a fight, something a lot of the North American fans seem to miss.

    Sure Anderson Silva is happy to sit it out a couple of extra months and wait for a defined title contender to emerge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canvas assassin View Post
    17 wins without getting a title shot is a ufc record he should have had a title shot after beating Stann not have to fight someone whos moving between weight divisions. It would have made sense if Vitor would be on a run to the MW title again but he's not so IMO Bispings been fucked over. Not saying he would beat Silva but he's easily earned his chance.
    He's beaten nobody, beating the guy who's 9th in the world doesn't mean you deserve a title fight.

    Who's he beat... Josh Haynes? Eric Schafer? Levi's Sinosic? Charles McCarthy? Jason Day, Mayhem Miller and Jorge Rivera...

    Where are these guys?

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    Doesn't have the mentality or the chin of a champion. Maybe he fancies his chances at GSP? lol. I'm a massive Belfort fan but part of me wanted to see Bisping fight Silva, maybe it's a good thing he didn't. It would be Forrest Griffin all over again.

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    Bisping is never going to change his style, why is he highly regarded in the UFC? Love him or hate him people speak about him. I think the smack talk is all part of what he brings to the UFC and they love it.

    Sadly though on last night merits he won't ever be UFC champ, he looked scared or very nervous. Even on the way out I thought he looked overly pumped up for it, possibly a way of over compensating for his nervousness. Maybe he was under more pressure than Belfort as he had more to lose in this fight and therefore was never at the races. They say that alot of fighting is Mental and I think he had the fight lost before he stepped into the Cage.

    He needs to work out what went wrong and then get back out there and start picking off guys.

    Time is not on his side though so if he does want a shot at the title then he needs to beat some top guys and beat them impressively.

    The problem with the Middleweight division is there are so many guys who are round the same level, I say get a 8 man tourny on the go!
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    This loss has just saved him getting knocked out again by Anderson Silva. I know it'd be great to fight for a title but seriously the only guys who deserve to fight Anderson at the moment are Weidman and if he wins a few more Lombard. Rockhold coming over from Strikeforce might become a contender also.....

    Bisping is top 6 good BUT everytime he faces top tier competition it goes to the judges or he gets finished. He beat Sonnen imo but it was on points and it was close. Henderson near killed him, Wanderlei beat him and nearly knocked him out, Belfort knocked him out....I'm not hating but he's not good enough to fight Anderson for the belt. One thing i will say though is fair play to him fighting in Brazil in Belfort's backyard that took some balls. If he can come back and beat the likes of Belcher, Okami, Lombard 3 straight and not all decision wins he deserves a shot but I'm not sure he beats any of these 3. Hope he proves me wrong. - Leicester Shoot

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    Some of you guys chat shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    I'm gutted for him as well. You still upset about the spitting thing John? I personally don't need him to come across like an Olympic gamesmaker, offering to give up his seat and share his packed lunch to make team gb look good. I like the way he makes it personal and talks shit. It's fucking hilarious.

    All the best mike, bit of a set back, but just means there's more people to bash.
    Partly the spitting but I could get past that if it was a one off. His attitude towards Mattt Hamill throughout TUF up to the London fight; his obsession with smack talk and generally belittling the competition suggests a preferred style. I know a lot of boxers and other MMA guys do it, but for me it doesn't sit well with going mainstream and being a role model for kids. At my grandson's football the other week, his team narrowly lost to a last minute penalty and as they were shaking hands one of the kids on the other team said to one of his team mates (not the one who had conceded the penalty by the way) "You're a fucking idiot".
    The week before, they won 4-0 and at the handshake one of the kids on the other team went out of his way to call my grandson "specky" in reference to his glasses (presumably because he was pissed off at him setting up 2 goals and hoping to provoke a reaction and make him look bad). It's difficult to stamp that kind of thing out when you've got a professional sportsman calling his opponent a penis and suggesting he lacks masculinity

    That being said, it wouldn't upset me if he did win a title shot and eventually a title. if he's good enough he deserves to have that. It's just that I'd rather he learnt to drop the smacktalk before he achieves it or alternatively that a less smacktalk orientated fighter was the first British UFC champ
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