Our man Harry Williams caught up with Trojan's Che Mills ahead of UFC On Fuel 7 next month, as he takes on Matt Riddle.

Obviously Riddle has been quite vocal towards Brits, but Mills remains professional and laidback as ever, giving him his props.


"Matt seems a tricky opponent," divulged the Brit. "He's not really someone that automatically comes into your head when you think of the welterweight division, but when you look at his record and see all the fights he's had in the UFC, there's no doubt he's here for a reason.

"I've heard a lot of people talk about his lack of finishes, but the way I see it is if you're winning you're doing something right, whether you're finishing or not. It may not be the most entertaining fight, but what you're doing is working, so it doesn't really matter.
It's been a tough time for Che but he's using that to fuel his training for London.

Full fight card here.