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Thread: New Club in Carluke Starting 3rd of Feb concentrating on 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu System

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    Default New Club in Carluke Starting 3rd of Feb concentrating on 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu System

    At 14.00 every Sunday from the 3rd of February a new club in Carluke for training in the 10th Planet System.
    Held at Unit 3,Tanallon Court,Castlehill Industrial Estate,Carluke,ML8 5UF.Inside Scotia TKD.
    Website - ,

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    Good luck with it Stevie
    Scotlands No. 1 Timekeeper also available as a BJJ/No Gi referee

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    Thanks very much.

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    Isn't there already a blackbelt teaching there...........
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    Good luck steven with new venture,await the big boss movie syndrum lol

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    There was a dude coaching in the same building who claimed to be a BJJ black belt, not sure how legit he was though as he was very young, couldnt tell you where he got his black belt and unfortunately couldnt roll with anyone due to having some injuries from a car crash.

    Same dude was also undefeated on Cage Rage apparently and according to later rumours related to the local travelling community based in lanark which is why he let them run a mock in the pub he worked the doors at.

    Stevie on the the other hand setting up the 10th planet group, got his blue belt from Royce Gracie a while back. Injuries and other stuff stopped him training for a while or he would have been a purple belt at least by now. He was always into the 10th planet stuff when he trained with us. Stevie wont bullshit anyone.

    Unlike the fake black belt guy Stevie will know what he is teaching, club should do well.

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    Cheers dude ,hope to see your new place soon.

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    Thanks to everyone that was at the first class , it went pretty quick .Covered off the Marcelo Garcia arm drag to takedown into knee ride to Twister .Moved onto the Truck and Calf Crank,Crotch Ripper and Banana Splitz with a few rear naked chokes thrown in for good measure.

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    Sounds good. I like the look of alot of the 10th planet stuff although I know some people are sceptical about it. Carluke is too far away from me but hopefully the clubs a success.
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