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Thread: New Club in Carluke Starting 3rd of Feb concentrating on 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu System

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    Nice an Eddie bravo black belt in scotland. Are you Scottish Thomo? Do you smoke the green?

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    Sadly I am not an Eddie Bravo Black Belt ,I wish I was .I am Scottish and no I do not smoke the green but I am willing to learn.

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    Are you like a blue belt under Eddie then? If you want to buy some green inbox some good stuff

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    Thanks for the offer but I was joking .I have one belt and that is a Blue Belt from Royce for No GI that I got about 8 years ago.

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    Royce Gracie gave you a blue belt for no Gi? But your teach the 10th planet system. You sure you don't smoke the green. Your high right now admit it man.

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    I have been passed by Eddie Bravo to teach the 10th Planet System and to start an official 10th Planet in Scotland.Feel free to contact Eddie to confirm this .I train on a Sunday at 14.00 in Carluke .Please come along and judge for yourself if you think I am up to it or not .

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    Whoa whoa don't get so confrontational chump.all buddies here I'm just looking to punt you some of the good stuff. How about I come along and you judge how good my green in after I tap you out.

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    Good luck to you mate...I heard the class was excellent from my mate Cam...someone who knows his 10th planet stuff and with Eddie B giving you the OK I wouldn't worry about anyone else

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    Cheers Johhnie , thanks for the shout .See you in Birmingham .All the best.

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    Did say The Big Boss Syndrome would kick in... for younger mma members big boss was originaly called Game of Death ,where other ethnic karate judo wing chun (MMA)clubs came and bullied smaller clubs into submission and tried to prevent them from training AND THE BRUCE LEE KICKED THE FUCK OUT OF THE BULLIES and the rest is

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