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Thread: Shock n Awe 13 fight card (March 9th)

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    Default Shock n Awe 13 fight card (March 9th)

    The fight card is almost complete, if anyone is interested in the TBC matches please email me at

    Pro MMA

    U185lbs Shock n Awe British Middleweight Title
    Mike "Big Daddy" Ling 11.5.0. (Gym01) vs Lloyd Clarkson 6.5.0 (John Skillen MMA)

    U145lbs Shock n Awe British Featherweight Title (Vacant)
    Phil Else 6.0.0. (Gods of War) vs Jason Furness 8.2.0. (AVT)

    U135lbs Shock n Awe British Bantamweight Title (Vacant)
    James "Scraps" Saville 10.5.0 (AVT) vs Martin Sheridan 6.1.0 (Shudan Dojo)

    Scott "Too Hot" Pooley 7.3.0. (Gym01/Poole Cage) vs Mark Handley 4.5.0. (Spartan MMA)

    U170lbs (Welterweight)
    Danny Compton 3.3.0. (Exile MMA) vs Andy Kerr 3.3.0. (IPPON MMA)

    U145lbs (Featherweight)
    Callum "Little Country" Jones (Gym01) 6.1.0. vs Rikki Fortuna 1.1.1. (Newport MMA)

    U155lbs (Lightweight)
    Matt "Short Fuze" Hughes 2.0.0.(Gym01) vs TBC

    U125lbs (Flyweight)
    "G I" Joe Laurence 3.4.0.(Ippon MMA) vs James "Jedi" Mullady 0.3.0. Team Jedi

    U125lbs (Flyweight)
    Brett "Lil Ninja" Caswell 0.0.0.(Gym01) vs TBC

    Semi Pro MMA

    U170lbs (Welterweight)
    Gareth Millar 2.1.0. (Gym01) vs Benny Carr 4.1.0. (Exile MMA)

    U145lbs (Featherweight)
    Nathan Ford 1.0.1. (Newport MMA) vs "King" Balal Miah 2.0.0.

    U135lbs (Bantamweight)
    Anton DeFreitas 4.3.0. (Gym01) vs Danny Suter 4.1.0. (Spartan MMA)

    U68kg (Catchweight)
    Martin Dell 0.0.0. (IOWBJJ) vs Thomas Holland 0.0.0. (Elements MMA)

    U170lbs (Welterweight)
    Andy "Milky" Way 0.0.0. (Gym01) vs Shey Roberts 0.0.0. (Kyuken MMA)

    U155lbs (Lightweight)
    Alex Box 0.0.0. (IOWBJJ) vs Anton Bray 0.0.0 ( TNT Gym )

    U185lbs (Middleweight)
    Michal Rosenbaum 1.1.0. (Gym01) vs TBC

    Amateur MMA

    U155lbs (Lightweight)
    Jon Clucas 0.1.0. (Gym01) vs David Russell 0.0.0. (SMAA)

    U155lbs (On the day weigh in)
    Ryan Marshall 0.0.0. (Poole Jiu Jitsu) vs Jason Culloty 0.0.0. (Elements MMA)


    Tables can be paid in full via debit or credit card as above and by visiting..... OR
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    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Great card & well presented, good luck with it the top 3 fights are quality!

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    Well matched fights are the hallmark of SnA events.
    Great work.
    16-bit for life

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    Awesome card as expected! best yet?

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    And the BJJ BB is..?
    MMA Officials London, Essex and East Anglia representative

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    Some cracking fights there, top 3 on the card especially.

    One small thing thought callum jones is fighting a lad 1-1-1?

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    Trust me, Rikki Fortuna has had 2 razor thin decisions against Ryan Phelps and is no mug.
    Callum and Rikki was supposed to happen a year ago but Callum got injured so we've just rescheduled it.
    Rikki has had a ton of pull outs ect and although on paper it looks a mismatch you can be sure anyone who knows Rikki knows he's no ones walk over.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Rikki's legit. Trains at Newport MMA along side Neggy and Tim Newman. The loss and the draw were in two of the best fight's I have seen that both went to a decision. He's got a good amateur record too!

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    Cool, understand records on paper dont give the full story cheers for filling in the bits

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    Nicely stacked card, top to bottom with well matched fights as usual.

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