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Thread: Latest Colossal offerinbg (VID)

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    Default Latest Colossal offerinbg (VID)

    Good people and twats of cagewarriors this is my reply to the vid "When trying to look tough goes wrong

    "Why trying to look tough goes wrong"

    Hope you give it a watch hopefully you'll find it mildly amusing and insightful.

    If you do don't forget to subscribe as ALOT more to come, cheers

    (If a kind soul can repost the link if it doesn't work)

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    Thats a great watch and a brilliant insight, thanks for that. Although the title is misleading as I thought you were offering us a boy girl porn scene.

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    Always good to listen to James. His honest and frank style of his presentations is brilliant.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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