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Thread: 4 weeks till the fight fitness worry

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    Default 4 weeks till the fight fitness worry

    Hello guys, I'm fighting In little over 4 weeks, in the gym I feel fit after classes sparring ect but always come fight night my fitness lets me down. Nerves n feel weak any tips on how to overcome this??

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    Be less nervous?

    It's all about confidence. If you don't feel confident, you will feel nervous.

    It would be impossible for someone here to give you advice without meeting you... even then they'd probably need a psychology degree to advise you properly.

    A general piece of advice would be to ask yourself: 'Can I win?' If the answer is yes, move on to: 'Will I win?' Likely, the answer you have right now is: 'Maybe' or even 'No.' You need to keep training and leave each session believing in yourself and believing you will win the fight. If on fight night you can walk towards the ring/cage knowing you will win you'll lose a huge amount of that nervous energy.

    If your nerves emanate from a fear of getting hurt ask yourself: 'What's the worst that can happen?' You need to face the answer and accept it. Again, doing so will help you move past the nervousness. Quite often people try to ignore the answer of that question until fight night when it suddenly dawns on them: 'Shit! I can get hurt tonight!!!' Don't wait until fight night. Consider it weeks, even months before, accept it and on fight night it won't be anything new.
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    Interesting post ^
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