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Thread: Official thread & fight card: On top 7 - 23rd feb - bellahouston, glasgow

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    Default Official thread & fight card: On top 7 - 23rd feb - bellahouston, glasgow

    Just an update for people regarding the next event/s.

    Unfortunately due to booking conflictions and licencing issues we are unable to go through with our proposed Weekender event on the 22nd/23rd of Feb. We have been hard at work trying to secure a venue/licence so at least an event could happen.

    This is what we will be doing instead. We will hold 1 show on Sat 23rd Feb at the Bellahouston Leisure Centre which will be a mixture of Amateur C Class fights on the undercard and Main Pro card. This Decision was taken as matching had already started behind the scenes and we wanted to fulfil our agreements with the fighters that were already matched. As half of each card was pretty much sorted we have merged them into the 1 show.

    It makes sense to this this on many levels for the next event.

    We would, of course, like to carry out our Weekender but only if the opportunity presents itself in the future and is viable for us.

    Ticket prices:

    35 - FLOOR SEATS

    650 - GOLD TABLES

    Doors: 5:30pm
    First fight: 6:00pm

    FIGHT CARD: (in no particular order)


    Graham Turner (Higher Level, DNFT, Scotland) v Fouad Mesdari (MK Legion, France)

    Paul McVeigh (Griphouse, DNFT) v Paul Marin (Union Palau MMA) @ 58kgs Catchweight

    Graham Armstrong (Mataleon MMA) v Brad Wheeler (The MMA Clinic, London) @ Lightweight

    Craig Robertson (Dundee Shoot) v Matt Savage (Fighters Hive) @ Middleweight

    Dan Hope (Griphouse, DNFT) v Gary Kono (Free Fight Academy, France) @ Welterweight

    Andrew Glen (Griphouse, DNFT) v Sean McDonald (Fighters Hive) @ Featherweight

    James McAlister (Griphouse, DNFT) v Steve McCombe (Devils Fight Club, N Ireland) @ Bantamweight


    Kelson Duffy (Dundee Shoot) v Brian Penman (Assasins/SMTC) @ Bantamweight

    Scott Coats (Gladitorial) v Sean Weir (Fusion Fight Club) @ Welterweight

    Stewart Graham (Higher Level, DNFT) v Andy Abletto (Headhunters) @ Middleweight

    Graham Black (Lycans) v Ian Feenan (Headhunters) @ Welterweight

    Julez Loftus (Bull Gym) v Dan Morgan (Headhunters) @ Middleweight

    Calum Hunter (Gladitorial) v Steven McCreadie (D-Unit, DNFT) @ Welterweight
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