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Thread: Scottish GI Open Feb - 09

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    Default Scottish GI Open Feb - 09

    Was wondering if this is gonna get a decent attendance, the Grab & Pull No Gi was pretty poor and wasn't sure whether to just wait for the Scotia cup or go for this?

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    I went to a grab and pull event and the guy running it was being a bit of a dick. Not sure if that's got anything to do with the turnout but I wouldn't go to their event again.
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    Heard the last No Gi event was piss poor organised. Never been to one of their events myself but the do seem to run a fair few big events around the country so you would think they would be decent

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    yeah 45 to enter im sure too, might be wrong on this tho

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    Their no gi event had only about 30 odd people competing at it, numbers at the gi comps are usually better than that but aren't as well subscribed as the likes of the Scotia or the Glasgow Open in terms of adult competitors.
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    it's says 30 bucks on there site

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