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This is pretty hard stuff. Been reading up on it and it's not advised to try if you are unsure of what to do and what not to do. It is risky but some say the best product out there for weight loss. I guess if you can stick to it and do it right then you should be able to lose 5-7lbs a week. Not advised to use over a long period though.

I know Bateman knows his stuff so not saying he doesn't know what to do just incase anyone else see's this and things about trying it
thanks mate , it is pretty hardcore , ephidrene pretty much has a metabolic rate of about 5% , DNP has a rate of about 50% so you can see why people like it. You will also need lots of water , Electrolytes , T3 and low carbs as this will add to the thermogenic properties of DNP. You eat carbs and you will heat up big time , ...