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Thread: BAMMA prelims?

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    Cool BAMMA prelims?

    I know in the past it's been a big problem with BAMMA, not showing their prelims, I was wondering if there was ever a way to watch them. Through some download, DVD or any other way. Reason I ask is a friend of mine may be fighting for them in March and I won't be able to go there live. I'd gladly pay if I could see this fight.

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    Over time they have released fights on youtube but sometimes takes absolutly ages
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    yeah unfortunately the whole mainstream coverage fighters on bamma that some people talk about is a fallacy for most. Obviously for main event guys and a couple main carders being on terrestrial is absolutely huge but when it comes to the rest of the guys it really isnt great at all, with the videos like Nathan mentions taking ages to come out and not really getting a push

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    They're useless with their prelims, thats it.

    You'll have to wait ages.

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