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Thread: MMA Charity appeal.

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    Default MMA Charity appeal.

    Hi guys, this is an appeal thread... not something I post normally!

    I've recently got involved with a charity who work with kids who are living on the rubbish dumps of Manila - Philippines.

    I was thinking, how can I help get people to know about what this charity do as they really are saving lives but are unknown to nearly everyone.

    These kids are living on a mountain of trash outside the city, forced to work searching for scraps to sell for recycling. There are thousands of them. No education, no food, no healthcare...

    They are mostly barefoot, knee deep in crap, getting exposed to all kinds of toxins and health hazards.
    At times, the rubbish tip - named 'Smokey Mountain' due to its constant burning under the surface - will just swallow a kid up if they step on the wrong place. Never to be seen again.

    Anyway, the cost of a takeaway for 2 will get a kid off the dump, into education, health care, and feeding for a whole month...

    The charity even built their own school using recycled shipping containers! nearly 2000 kids go there now, all supported by the small team who live there themselves.

    Im going out there soon to help the charity with their IT setup, also to make a film on the whole thing. Try to raise some awareness for them.

    It would be AMAZING, if the MMA community could do something about this...

    Please, can you share this with others who train MMA, facebook, twitter, websites, emails, forums whatever...

    If between us all, we can get 1000 guys who train MMA to give 10/$10 each, we could get 400 kids off the dump and into a better life PERMANENTLY!

    If you're a well known fighter, please post on your facebook.

    Their website is

    Here's a few of picks just to give you an idea of conditions these kids are stuck in...

    Thanks for reading, please share. Let's see if we can make a difference!
    Tim Lord

    ps - if you share it anywhere, please reply on this post :-)
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