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Thread: Warburton vs. Ray - BAMMA 12

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    Default Warburton vs. Ray - BAMMA 12

    Curt Warburton will challenge for Steven Ray's BAMMA Lonsdale British title when the show goes to Newcastle on March 9th:

    Step up for Ray, but should be a cool fight.

    Wayne Murrie vs. Bola Omoyele also added.

    Will update here as they come through.
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    A good start by BAMMA. Ray is the underdog but thrives on being the underdog, it will just make him want to train more for this - MMA Promotion/Fighter Management

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    Serious step up for ray. Hope he gets the win, it would be a great scalp.
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    Massive test for Ray, hope he can pull it off, would be a big scalp. Warburton will be the favourite, he is on a good run just now.

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    Is this a big enough win for Curt to make a return to the UFC though?... It's a massive fight for Ray and although a win would be his biggest win to date and he is indeed a great fighter, I see this as a lose no gain situation for Curt. Each to there own though and should be a good fight.

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    curt gains nothing from this fight except a pay day ray is a dangerous guy to fight suppose bamma had nowhere else to turn
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