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    I thought I'd start a blog/diary leading up to my debut amateur mma bout. I havnt seen anything like this online and thought it might be good for anyone thinking of fighting or anyone interested in mma/sports in general to read. Il be documenting all my thoughts, feelings, diet and pretty much anything else that I think people might be interested in. I'm going to update daily starting tomorrow. Until then here is a brief into about me.

    I train at one gym in the north of England with a good reputation and a fight team that includes a few pros, and some great semi pros. It is a family run gym and the head coach is a very well known and respected among uk mma.

    I have been training at is gym since January 2012, before that I trained for a year in kickboxing, points and continuous based (head guard,shin guards etc). I am a white belt with one stripe in bjj.

    My first fight is at 94kg (light heavyweight) and I am currently 96kg. The date for my fight is the 24th February so just over 3 weeks away. It is amatuer C level (no headshots) and is on a grass roots level day show, with a pro show on the night.

    I'm not going to name gyms/promotions/brands etc or post pics on here as this blog is not about promoting anything, just a guide of sorts for people and something to keep me focused on my training. If you want to know about me, the gym I train at or the promotion I am fighting on then I have a twitter account that you can follow.

    Sooooo, the history so far.........
    I mentioned to my coach that I wanted to eventually fight in around march 2012. He told me that he would gladly put my name forward, but only when I'm ready. I knew I wasn't ready at that point. I'm a very competitive person and wanted to fight to win. Fast forward to the gyms Christmas night out, and over a few drinks, my coach tells me that in the new year, he would look to get me matched up. I felt nervous but excited. All the other fighters were really enthusiastic about it. This just made me more excited. Then onto 17th December (a few days later) I got a text off my coach saying he may have a fight for me and asked if I'd be interested.
    Told him I would be. It would be 3x3 minutes, amateur c, at 94 kg. he warned me if we accept there backing out unless I got injured "JUST TO BE CLEAR".

    We accepted. From New Year's Day till now I have not drank any alcohol and have tried to eat clean. I have struggled not so much wi the lack of alcohol but I love food. The tastier the better. The tastier the more unhealthy :/ it is now just under 3 weeks till the fight and I'm picking up the intensity and so will update daily.

    I'm not nervous at all at the minute, but this will change I'm sure.

    I will update tomorrow with tonight's training details and thoughts.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope this helps someone other than just me.

    Naughty Goose

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