Was going to go training again tonight but I'm feeling really beaten up and my knee is flaring up again. With just over a week to go I decided to give it a rest till Monday.

So I'll share a few thoughts for anyone wanting to start mma or have your first fight.a lot of this advice comes directly from my coach and other fighters I train with so;
1)if your starting out research the different gyms in your area. Look for reviews through mma websites and forums like this one.
2)your first day training is going to be like the first day of school.theres gonna be a lot of information and techniques you won't understand but keep at it and it will come.
3)follow the rules of the gym/coach. If it says no zips/buttons then don't wear them. If your told to wear shin guards for sparring,wear them!rules are their to keep you safe and not following them is disrespectful and stupid.
4)introduce yourself.everyone may look meaner,stronger and better than you but don't be afraid to introduce yourself, they have all been in your position before.
5)buy the correct equipment.if your serious about doing this, buy the right equipment and look after it/keep it clean,
6)clean your equipment
7)personal hygiene!!! Cut your nails short,wear clean clothes,equipment,shower before training (nothing worse than rolling with a smelly person)
8)as soon as you finish training,get a shower. There are all kinds of diseases/bugs, if you keep clean then you are less likely to catch or pass on disease.
9)listen to your coach,they know best!If they tell you to do something,even if it sounds stupid,there is probably a very good reason for it!
10)if you are wanting to fight, tell your coach you want to, but let them be in control of when. They know better than you when you are ready and how to get a fair match.

I must admit, before I trained mma, I thought I was fit as a fiddle. How wrong I was. Be prepared to sweat,blowing out of your arse and to hurt. But I promise you, when training finishes you will feel great!Plenty of times I felt like I really couldn't be arsed training but I've dragged my arse there and felt better for it afterwards.