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Thread: Where is Rampage going to go?

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    Default Where is Rampage going to go?

    He's already admitted he can't cut it at the highest level anymore on the back of 3 losses, I personally don't think he trains like he used to but whatever, where does he go from here?

    He's destroyed all chance of fighting for the UFC again and wants out of the re-signing, matching period at the end of his contract and now that Strikeforce etc have all gone where does he go?

    He should just stick to making movies now. I don't see how Bellator can afford to be him the $200,000 - $300,000 + that he'd want.

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    He's talked about trying boxing. With Kimbo Slice now 6-0 in four rounders and the pair knowing each other from TUF, I think they may cook up some kind of feud leading to a fight.

    Kimbo fought on the Mundine/Geare undercard in Oz this week

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    But Rampage would handle Kimbo wouldn't he, with Kimbo putting a 6-0 record together why would he want to fight Rampage?

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    His 6-0 record is based on 4 rounders as a novelty support act- like Butterbean used to be. Kimbo v Pampage would be a novelty fight that you could stick on a PPV undercard to draw in a few MMA fans.

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    I suppose, if Rampage was going to have a go I'd like to see him have a proper go at it, start small and work up to 10-12 rounders, he's only 34 which isn't relatively old and he has experience of striking to a degree.

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    Could see him switching to boxing like he's mentioned. Bernard Hopkins camp would probably welcome him seeing as Hopkin's has changed his stance on MMA.

    If not Boxing then there's more movies or even a chance he could switch to pro wrestling, as he is abig fan of it after all.

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    I think getting in with Hopkins camp would be good, dude is still one of the best in the world and he's pushing 50. I think with a years solid boxing training and smashing a couple of bums along the way, he'd be well set in 2014 with a record of say 4-0, he has a name to draw fans, especially MMA fans.

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    Rampage vs Lesner in WWE

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    Kimbo is 7-0 now
    Pro 2-0,Semi-Pro 3-1,Am 6-1-1 Height 5ft 10 Weight 70kg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon212 View Post
    Kimbo is 7-0 now
    most of them dives

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