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Thread: UCMMA 32 Gallery

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    Default UCMMA 32 Gallery

    Diamond geezer (I think that's what they say down south) Jimmy Page was on the scene at UCMMA, and gives us pick of the shots at

    You can check out the event report here too:

    Huge win for Linton! Should open up some bigger avenues with that.

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    cheers Jay!

    I should have made a bigger deal of Sledge's performance, but thought it would look like i was just bigging up another forumite - might look like that still, but not to worry

    Sledge managed the stoppage in the main event so incredibly well. he was watching like a hawk, making it clear to Zelg that something had to happen, gave him every chance and stopped it just at the right time. he even went over to Zelg to check that he did not feel hard-done-by. they appeared to have a quick but intensely respectful conversation. hats off to sledge. fair play to Zelg and congratulations to Vassell.

    open question: what do you think should be next for Linton?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    open question: what do you think should be next for Linton?
    Wagner Prado
    Anthony Perosh
    Igor Pokrajak

    UFC's gotta be next on the agenda surely.

    Good call on Sledge's reffing. He's always consistent but that was truly top drawer.
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    still think there is another fight on the domestic scene that many would want to see.

    Max Nunes v Linton

    Max only gone out of the 1st round once, reckon that would get alot of people talking. BAMMA LHW title?

    Winner would defo be on the UFC radar!
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    Who's this Sledge guy that keeps getting mentioned ?

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    Thanks guys. Means a lot.

    Gary. I thought we had something special. I'm off for a cry
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    Sledge have you seen this pic of you from Sat?

    Sledge UCMMA 32.jpg

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    Lol. Classic
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    I thought it captured your essence in a most beautiful way

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